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Jul 17, 2024
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Mid Year surprise - iPhone 2 (3G) released with bulk of features    

What is new?



This means faster bandwidth through GSM network. You have double the speed than 2G EDGE technology.
You can view live videos. Download music faster on your iPhone.

Now you can still access internet faster in absence of Wifi.



This is new chip which gives you longitude and latitude information which can be put on the map.

Combined all this information you get where are you standing on earth. You can go anywhere in world but will not be lost on the road.

This will be further enhanced with LBS (Location based services). With LBS you can search for Medical facility, petrol pump, pizza joint near to you.


App Store

                Apple released iPhone SDK in Feb to the developers.
                There will be millions of applications coming free and with cost through Apples app store.

                Quite similar to iTunes, where music & videos are sold. Now they will also sell applications.


Enterprise Features

                Push mail like blackberry. You also can access Calendar and Contacts from your Exchange Server folders.
                You can remotely erase everything if you lose the phone.

Half the cost

8GB for $199
               16GB for $299


What was already there on iPhone?

  • Video Player
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Touchscreen Operation
  • 2MP Camera
  • YouTube Videos
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Email client
  • Safari Internet Browser
  • Don’t forget primarily it is a Mobile Phone & iPod MP3 Player
All in all there is no devices in world now which packs so much in such a small space and
assures the battery life and committed Application Development Support like Apple iPhone.

This phone will be available by 11 July in 21 countries of the world.
Unfortunately India is not in that.

There are 42 more countries which will have iPhone in later part of year. India falls in that List

iPhone 3G to be available in more than 70 countries

Together with its partners — América Móvil, AT&T, Bharti Airtel, Globe Telecom, Hutchison Telecom, O2, Optus, Orange, Rogers, SingTel, Softbank, Swisscom, Telecom Italia Mobile, Telefónica, TeliaSonera, T-Mobile, and Vodafone — Apple will bring the highly anticipated iPhone 3G to more than 70 countries worldwide beginning on July 11. Filed under: iPhone.
Doesn’t have front side camera


Posted by: neo

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